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Skid process equipment

The company has developed expertise in several industry sectors, among other things thanks to specialized partners. NXT is a certified integrator of several innovative companies like 3M, Haffmans, Sudmo, etc. With the design and engineering of this equipment already completed, NXT has manufactured some of its equipment and are making it available for testing or rental.

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As the craft brewing industry evolves, brewers are trying to push the boundaries of the flavor spectrum of their products. Thus, the incorporation of hops and other aromatic ingredients during fermentation has become a crucial step in building these extravagant beer profiles. This is even truer with the ever increasing popularity of the NEIPA style which requires many cold hops. Incorporating these ingredients can be difficult for brewers, given the need for an oxygen-free (O2) environment in the fermenter. It is also important to ensure the safety and efficiency of the brewer during the process.

The NXT Process Hop Incorporator is a system designed according to the needs of brewers. It allows the incorporation of a variety of ingredients such as hops, coffee, fruits and spices during fermentation without risk of O2 contamination. The system is connected directly to the bottom valves of the fermenter to avoid any danger of reaching the top of the fermenter. Additionally, the Hop Incorporator can recirculate the wort during incorporation to ensure an efficient and consistent beer profile between batches.

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  • Cold hopping minimizes oxygen supply
  • Suitable for any addition during fermentation: Hops, coffee, fruits, spices, etc.
  • Reliable CIP
  • Safe recirculation flow control
  • Ensures an efficient and consistent beer profile
  • Available for purchase and rental
  • Clamp container


Hop capacity20 to 40 kg of hops in pallet format
Recirculation flow rates2.4 à 3.4 hL/min
Motor5 hp 575/3/60 whit VFD
PumpAmpco SBI-R20
Connections2’’ TC
MaterialsSS 304, SS316
General dimensions34 ‘’ X 27’’ X 52’’


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