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Skid process equipment

The company has developed expertise in several industry sectors, among other things thanks to specialized partners. NXT is a certified integrator of several innovative companies like 3M, Haffmans, Sudmo, etc. With the design and engineering of this equipment already completed, NXT has manufactured some of its equipment and are making it available for testing or rental.

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Bulk Bag Unloader

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), commonly known as “Bulk Bags” or “Big Bags”, are used the transportation of solid materials which are typically (but not limited to) powder, flake or granular form.

The Bulk Bag Unloader is able to support a wide variety of bulk bag sizes and contents, all while ensuring the safety of the operators. It is a highly customizable and efficient solution for various industries requiring the manipulation and unloading of bulk bags.


Bulk Bag Unloader with Lateral Paddles and Docking Station.

Design Features

Loading InfrastructureLocal Hoist
Frame MaterialPainted Steel or Stainless Steel
Flowability OptionsLateral or Lower Paddles, Resting or Vibrating Table
Dust Containement OptionsDocking Station,Discharge Box
Safety OptionsSecurity Fence, Light barriers


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